Curriculum & Assessment

The school’s curriculum is child-centered, putting emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The school curriculum is based on child-development and incorporates school-based elements and carefully prepared, interesting activities and content.

Our school focuses on thematic teaching. At the same time, through a project-based approach, children can collect information, observe, explore, cooperate with peers, and interact with teachers and parents, enabling them to acquire knowledge through life experience.

School activities like Games Day, Educational Excursion and Parent-Child Activity Day are held yearly for parents to join their children’s classroom, thereby giving them a better understanding of their child’s educational development.

In terms of evaluation, our school uses continuous evaluation methods to assess children's learning progress. Teachers will keep in touch with parents from time to time to follow up on all aspects of children's development. We will also have face-to-face meetings with parents to discuss their children’s progress.