Discipline and Counselling

School discipline refers to not only the rules and strategies that we adopt to manage students’ behaviour, but also practices used to encourage self-discipline.
Teachers usually develop the discipline for their classroom management. They establish expectations, guidelines and rules to govern students’ behaviour during the first few days of each academic year. For example, they set classroom rules for students and put up reminder notices in class. These activities clearly lay out what kinds of behaviour are appropriate and allowed, as well as those that are inappropriate.
While having morning or recess duty, teachers often work closely with prefects to monitor students around the school premises. Prefects have an important role at school. They are usually chosen because of their maturity, leadership qualities and outstanding behaviour. Prefects are counted on to enforce school rules and to report to teachers infractions on the part of students.
Furthermore, our school would give suggestions in order for students to correct bad behaviour, rather than lay out punishment. Students are given the option to avoid punishment by doing the right thing. In other words, they will get a second chance.

Nowadays, students not only face challenges in their studies and fast paced living, but also adjust to changes in family structure and interpersonal relationship. For this matter our school has placed great emphasis on guidance and discipline work to facilitate the all-rounded development of students. All teaching staff actively participate in student support in schools.

Teachers are working closely with SGO Mr Tam regarding students’ overall development and other specific problems.

Appropriate support including remedial class, assessment accommodation and curriculum adaptation will be provided for SEN students.