Extra-Curricular Activities

Free Extra-Curricular Activities
A series of educational and enjoyable extracurricular activities were launched free of charge for our students every Friday. There was a wide range of energetic activities such as Table Tennis, Yoga, Latin Dance and Theater Games. Students could improve their team spirit and discipline through activities in such areas as the Cubs and Brownies. The students might also enrich their sense of art as well as music talent through Art Elite Class, Accessories Making Class, String Ensemble, Choir and Hand Chime Team. These ECA lessons have indeed provided a good opportunity for students to explore their potential, as well as widen their vision towards school life.
Charged Extra-Curricular Activities
Our school has also provided a wide range of charged courses for our students to join during Fridays from 2.20 p.m. to 4.20 p.m. To arouse students’ interest regarding Arts and Creativity, we have introduced courses such as Creative English Comics, Outreach Art Program by Creative Kidz, Magical 3D Printing, Art and Craft classes, Mbot Makeblock Robotic and Lego Simple Machines and E-Circuits. Also, students who are interested in music and performing arts have joined the Aloha Ukulele Class, Dubbing, Japanese Taiko, Cello, Percussion, English Drama, International Latin and American Cheerleaders. Lastly, karate and taekwondo classes are provided for students who love sports.