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65th Anniversary Logo Design Competition 65周年紀念標誌設計比賽

Date: 31/03/2023


1. To promote the 65th Anniversary and to encourage greater participation of students, parents and their


2. To select the best logo design to be used for the promotion of the 65"h Anniversary.


One mind, one heart and one path


1. Student Group

(Group 1 - P3-P6, Group 2 - S1-S6)

2. Parent with Student Group

(Group 3- N1-K3, P1-P2)

3. Open Group

(Group 4 - Relatives of students (only for students in P3 or above) or Alumni)


1. Each student or parent or alumni can submit at most three entries

2. Logo design suggested not to use more than 3 colours (not including black & white colours)

3. No limitation in design media, all logo design should be submitted with the entry form (provided from

School) * All forms can be downloaded from the school homepage https://www.rhs.edu.hk/

Judges & Prizes:

1. Outstanding logo designs will be selected from each Group

2. An overall champion will be selected from all entries

3. Trophy/souvenirs will be presented to the champion and winners of the outstanding entry.

Closing date:

5 May 2023 (for All Groups)

Remarks: School has the right to confirm the final results of competition, the copyright of the entries and

can use it for the 63"h Anniversary promotion.