Principal's message

Date: 18/03/2024



18 March 2024

Dear Rosaryhill School Students, Parents, and Alumni,


I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. As we approach the Easter season, I want to take a moment to reflect on the significance of this time and share some important news regarding our beloved school.


First and foremost, let us remember the profound love bestowed upon us by God. Through His mercy and grace, He sent His only son to save us, as mentioned in John 3:16. This Easter, let's embrace the message of hope and renewal that comes with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. May it inspire us to face difficulties with courage, never giving up on our dreams and aspirations.


With mixed emotions, in September 2023, the Sponsoring Body has made the difficult announcement of our school's closure at the end of this academic year, marking a remarkable 65 years of dedicated service to the community. This decision was not arrived at hastily; instead, it reflects a thoughtful assessment of the evolving educational landscape and the ever-changing needs of our students and families.


However, I want to assure you that the Dalton School Hong Kong is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for all our students. We have been working diligently to establish a new school here, one that will carry forward the legacy and values that have defined our institution for so many years. This new chapter will provide our students with a fresh start and opportunities for successful study.


To our Primary School students, your journey with us has been filled with laughter, growth, and countless memories. As we bid farewell to our current school, remember that your achievements and experiences will forever be cherished. Embrace this transition as a chance to form new friendships, explore new subjects, and continue to flourish academically and personally.


To the parents, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support throughout the years. Your trust in our educational approach and commitment to your children's development have been invaluable. As we embark on this new endeavour, I assure you that we will continue to prioritise our students' well-being and provide an enriching learning environment.


Lastly, to our esteemed alumni, you have played an integral role in shaping the identity of our school. Your contributions to society and accomplishments in various fields are a testament to the excellent education you received. We hope that you will continue to stay connected and be proud ambassadors of the Rosaryhill legacy.


In conclusion, let us embrace the Easter season with hope and resilience. Change is an inevitable part of life, and it is through embracing new beginnings that we can continue to grow and thrive. Together, we have built a strong foundation, and I am confident that the Dalton School Hong Kong's new chapter will bring even greater success and opportunities for our students.


Wishing you all a blessed Easter and a future filled with joy and achievement.


Warm regards,



YIP Kai Kwan Julian