New Students Admission

New Students Admission 2021-2022

A. School Background
The Primary Section of Rosaryhill School is an established English primary school. English is used as the medium of instruction in all subjects except Chinese Language, which is taught in Putonghua(P.1-P.3) and Cantonese(P.4-P.6). Spanish Language is also part of the regular curriculum, given our Spanish heritage at the School that was founded by Spanish Catholic Fathers half a century ago. Carefully designed education programmes are in place to help our students develop their potential in full. By incorporating a variety of lively activities in the lessons, our teachers strive to encourage students to participate actively and to help them learn effectively with fun.



B. School fees 2020-2021

Item 項目


Spanish Class


School Fee per year (paid by 10 installments)





C. Declaration of the School
(A) All information provided on the Application Form and all items submitted along with the Form are for the admission procedures only. Upon completion of the admission procedures, all forms and items submitted will be destroyed and will NOT be returned.
(B) Selection will be based on the applicant’s performance during the interview(s), additional information attached to the Application Form of the applicant will be for reference ONLY.
(C) False information will result in disqualification of the applicant.


D. Application Details
(A) The student should be 5 years and 8 months old by 1st September 2021 when the school year commences.
(B) The Application Form can be submitted in person or by post.
(C) Application fee: $50
(D) Please present the following documents of your child:

  • Completed Application Form, Admission Form and Reply Slip (One recent photo of the applicant affixed on each form)
  • Duplicate copy of the birth certificate or proof of identity

*Non-local students must submit copy of valid visa issued by Immigration Department

  • Duplicate copy of certification of baptism (Catholics only)
  • Duplicate copy of the recent report card of Kindergarten last attended

(E) Interview Date: 31st October 2020 (Saturday), interview time to be arranged by School.
(F) Application result will be released through e-mail on 14th November, 2020.



  • 學生於2021年9月入學時必須達5歲8個月
  • 遞交申請表

報名時請出示有關 貴子弟之個人文件:
i. 已填妥之申請表格、准考證及取錄證 (請在適當位置貼上近照)
ii. 出生證明書或宣誓紙副本乙張
iii. 領洗紙副本乙張(只適用於天主教徒)
iv. 幼稚園低班下學期發展報告表副本乙張

  • 報名費$50
  • 面試日期:2020年10月31日(星期六)(面試時間由校方安排)
  • 本校將於2020年11月14日以電郵公佈面試結果。


* Please read the Provisional Timetable on separate sheet.




Apply through Cityline.

(8:30am. - 12:00pm)

New P.1 Registration Day

  • Interview time to be arranged by School.


New P.1 Interview Day


Release of Application Result through e-mail.


Submit Registration Fee


New Students’ Enrolment Day

Admission Subject PDF File
Application Form for P.1 2021-2022 Click here