About Us

Rosaryhill Secondary School PTA was established in 1996. The PTA logo symbolizes the collaboration between parents and teachers who work together for the benefits of the students.

Throughout the years, PTA has organized many activities to strengthen this home-school relationship, such as holding a game booth on ‘Teacher-Student Day’ and presenting fruits to the school personnel as a token of thanks for their selfless contribution. Christmas and Lunar New Year are seasons of sharing, so PTA takes the chance to prepare presents and festive food for all students. Annual PTA outing is another highlight every year. Apart from that, PTA also organizes PTA Chinese and English Essay Writing Competitions every year to give students more incentive to write.

Last but not least, PTA has set up an Improvement Award in particular so that more students can be recognised and motivated. The award is presented to those students who show remarkable efforts in academic area or improvements in conduct, as well as those who are good Samaritans. Although the scholarships only carry a symbolic meaning, we still hope that our students will be motivated to work harder and strive for excellence.