Counselling and Guidance

Counseling & Guidance Team

Aim :

The Counseling and Guidance Team aims to help our students develop positive attitudes in life and enhance their self-esteem by recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. Interpersonal skills, self-reflection, self-management and ways to strengthen resilience are enhanced among students, not only through individual counseling, but also different small group activities and programs, such as Youth Ambassadors, Stars of the Month, Smarteens, Lion Dance, and small group activities, etc. We were pleased to see that the participants were engrossed in the activities in which they enhanced their self-confidence and improved their social skills.


Counselling Room: Room 113A
Counselling Mistress: Miss Catherine Shiu
Counselling Teachers: Mr. Kelvin Tang
Miss Jennifer Luk
Miss Wong Kit Ling
Mr. John Sin
Social Worker Room: Room 114A
Social Workers: Miss Cathy Tong
Mr. Alex Tse



1. Smarteens Program
4. Visit to Life Journey Centre
5. Youth Enhancement Scheme (YES)