Discipline Team

The Discipline Team aims to help students participate and benefit fully from school life, solve problems and decide on appropriate action. Our objectives are:

1.     To enhance the self-esteem of students and to cultivate a sense of self-discipline among students.
2.     To coordinate various programs which contribute towards the “whole person development” of students.
3.     To develop love, care and sharing among students through the development of preventive and remedial programs.
4.     To encourage students to be courageous when facing adversity.

Team Members:
Discipline Master: Mr. Rodger Poon
Junior Form-in-charge: Ms. Angela Chan
Senior Form-in-charge: Mr. Martin Choi
Discipline Coordinators:
Ms. Brenda Chim
Ms. Liao Yuen Lam
Ms. Ma Yan King
Mr. Wan Wah Wai
Mr. James Yu


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