Academic Week 2021-2022

Date: 29/06/2022

Academic Week 2021-2022

The Academic Week is the highlight of the academic activities of Rosaryhill Secondary School. It aims to arouse students’ interest in academic subjects through interesting, inspiring, and creative activities.

Due to the pandemic this year, Academic Week I and II were rescheduled to be held in May (10-19 May) and June (6-10 June) 2022. 

In May, there were activities organised by the Science KLA, English, PSHE, CS & LS Departments.  The Science KLA arranged the “Adding Coins” Inter-class Competition for the S.1 and S.2 students and the Fitness Programme for the S.3 students. Through these activities, students learnt that science is all around us, and our daily lives are immersed in it! Learning Science is full of fun and not boring. 

PSHE, CS and LS teachers prepared the Mobile ICH Exhibition and some Mobile ICH Mini Games for the students.  Undoubtedly, they were engaging for the students to learn more about our Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).  Besides that, the top three classes that have accurately completed the worksheets were awarded the Best Participation Awards.

The English teachers introduced acrostic poem writing in the lessons.  For some of the students, although it was the first time that they had come across acrostic poems, they were inspired to become young Shakespearians, and started to like them. They even said writing a poem was not as difficult as they had first imagined. Teachers also found that a number of students had potential in poetry.

In June, the two KLA, notably Chinese Language and Mathematics, arranged a series of fascinating activities that stretched the students’ horizons in the two core subjects.  To start with, there were four online Chinese Language quizzes for the junior, senior, local, and non-Chinese speaking students accordingly. In each group, the first 10 students who had submitted the answers and scored the highest mark were awarded prizes.  They could also get bonus marks in the final exam.  

Last but not least, the Mathematics KLA organised the Maths Quiz and Maths King Competitions.  There was one Maths quiz for each form level. Each student completed a quiz: the class with the highest total score was the Champion. They were awarded certificates, trophies and also bonus marks in the final exam. The most challenging event was the Maths King Competition, with only selected students being allowed to join. Students who got 80 marks or above were titled “Maths King”, each of them was awarded a trophy and an honourable badge of “Maths King”. This year, we have a total of two Maths Kings!  Congratulations to all prize winners. 

Although the academic week has come to an end, our love of learning has never waned, as the interest in academic subjects has been planted and will continue to grow with the right nurturing.