Golden Jubilee Scholarship Giving Ceremony

Date: 23/11/2021

The Golden Jubilee Scholarship was established in 2009, with the support of the Old Student Association, especially from the four main donors, Mr. Allan Aw, Ms. Shirley Choi, Mr. Thomas So, and Ms. Edith Shih. Scholarships are presented to the students with outstanding performance in each section every year.


This year the Golden Jubilee Scholarship Giving Ceremony was held on 8 October, 2021. Almost 80 parents from the three sections gathered in the school hall witnessed the presentation of the scholarships and shared in the joy with the awardees. 


It was our privilege to have Ms. Shirley Choi and Fr. Francisco de la Heras as our honourable guests, and Ms Edith Shih as our Guest of Honour. After complimenting the prize winners on their dedication and effort, Ms. Shih shared and explained the three essential attributes that all students should possess: appreciation, humanity and perseverance. 


First, she emphasised the importance of being appreciative and to be grateful for those who have been supporting us and equipping us with the knowledge and mindset to have the achievements today. She shared her personal story of how thankful she is to her alma mater, teachers, and professors who recognised her strengths and gave her the opportunities that have equipped her with the skills to excel in the profession she has taken up today. After all these years, she still cherishes all she has received from them. She hoped students will count their blessings and have a positive mindset.


As all the awardees are potential leaders, she remarked that leaders with humanity are of utmost importance as they will be able to learn and grow and contribute to society and the world at large. She quoted Laozi as saying “The wise man is one who knows what he does not know” to remind students to have a humble mindset and to strive to learn more. Instead of competing against others, we should compete against ourselves. We should strive to be a better person and reach a higher level every day.


She ended her speech by encouraging the students to persevere. She hoped students can understand an award marks the beginning of one’s journey to work harder, do better and reach higher. It is guiding the awardees to a long road of improvement and perseverance. 


At the end of Ms. Edith Shih’s speech, she sang a beautiful song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, to encourage students to stay positive even when there are stormy days at times. 


After that, scholarships were presented to the awardees in the three sections.  There were a total of 116 scholarships being given out. The most honourable scholarship is the Scholarship for Graduate, which is for the student who has the most outstanding result in the HKDSE, the awardee was Chan, Wan Chit of 6A (2020-21).


To round up the ceremony were two musical instrument performances presented by four primary students and a traditional dance presented by a secondary student. They were all prize-winners in external competitions. The awesome performances were undoubtedly other delights of the day.