Golden Jubilee Scholarship Giving Ceremony

Date: 08/11/2022

This year the Golden Jubilee Scholarship Giving Ceremony was held on 7 October, 2022. In the haze of COVID-19, we still had almost 60 parents from the three sections attending the ceremony, witnessing the presentation of the scholarships, and shared the joy with the awardees. 

It was our privilege to have Ms. Edith Shih, Ms. Shirley Choi, and Mr. Edward Ng, as our honourable guests, Mr. Thomas So as our Guest of Honour.  In the speech, Mr. Thomas So emphasised the importance of motivation. Strong motivation has been guiding him to who he is today. He believes that if we are motivated, we will do all to achieve the goals we have set ourselves and will be brave enough to overcome difficult obstacles.

To him, a school is a place to guide students to make their dreams into reality. He reminded students not to compare themselves with others. Instead, they should aim at being a better person and making improvements day by day. 

After that, scholarships were presented to the awardees in the three sections.  There were a total of 104 scholarships given out. The most honourable scholarship is the Scholarship for Graduate, which is for the students who have the most outstanding results in the HKDSE. The awardee was Balkarn Singh of 6A (2021-22).

To round up the ceremony, there was a dance performance presented by a group of secondary students. It was a street dance that this year was awarded the Distinction Award in the 58th Schools Dance Festival. The awesome performances were undoubtedly another delight of the day.

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