Gratitude from Graduates on Speech Day 2020-2021

Date: 21/07/2021

<Gratitude from Graduates Programme 2020-2021> 

Despite the cancellation of S6 Graduation Dinner due to the current situation of the pandemic, S6 graduates decided to take the opportunity of the Speech Day to thank the school, teachers and parents. Therefore, a programme entitled <Gratitude from Graduates Programme 2020-2021> was incorporated into the Speech Day ceremony on 19/6/2021. 

In the programme, students shared their happy memories in school by showing some video clips. After that, on behalf of the graduates, Gabriel Lopez from S6B gave a speech 'Life in the present' to thank the school and the teachers. Then, graduates presented souvenirs to Fr Supervisor, the Principal, the Chairperson of PTA and the President of OSA to show their gratitude to the school, the teachers, the OSA and the PTA. The highlight of the programme was the time when all graduates presented all guests, teachers and parents flowers as a sign of gratitude to thank them. 

The programme ended with some touching scenes and smiling faces from everyone.