Opening Day Ceremony 2021

Date: 21/09/2021

Opening Day Ceremony 2021

On 1st September, same as in the past years, the Opening Day Ceremony was held in the school hall.  However, due to the pandemic we had to keep a social distance, therefore there were two sessions, one for the junior students and one for the senior students. Nonetheless, our spirits were still high and we were ready to meet every challenge in the new school year.

It was our great honour to have invited our former Supervisor and Principal of Rosaryhill School, Fr. Francisco de las Heras to be our Guest of Honour.  Father made a thought-provoking speech inspired by the Paralympics games to remind students of the valuable assets and talents they have. He paid high respects to the paralympic athletes as they have overcome so much in order to secure a place for themselves in the event. One of the most inspiring scenes he shared was how an amputee athlete finished the swimming event and the applause and cheers he received. Despite all the obstacles these athletes have been facing, they have pushed beyond their limits in order to achieve their goals. Through the uplifting stories, Fr. Francisco encouraged Rosarians to spread their wings and fly high. He reassured them that with perseverance, all Rosarians will shine in their own ways.


After the speech, four scholarships were presented by the Rosaryhill School Old Students Association to the graduates of 2020-21 who had outstanding performance in the Chinese Language and the English Language public examinations.  The awardees were Huang, Manjing, for the best in Chinese Language, Darlington, Chloe Leigh Jamila D, for the best in English Language, and Togher, Jasmine Emma Mary, who was the best in both Chinese and English Language.

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