Senior Leadership Training Camp

Date: 05/11/2022


Senior Leadership Training Camp 2022-2023 


To cultivate their team spirit and equip them with necessary leadership skills, a senior leadership training camp was organised for 33 student leaders at Ma Wan Anchor House on 24 September 2022. 

At the camp, they took up a number of adventure-based tasks, such as Hand & Rope, Hexagonal Ball, Cube, and High Event Rope Course. Guided by three teacher advisors and five coaches from the campsite, the trainees had to work together to solve problems and complete the challenges so as to raise their awareness of the importance of team spirit and boost their trust in each other. 

A Google online questionnaire was completed afterwards and the results were overwhelmingly positive, with 91% of the participants agreeing that "the aim of Senior Leadership Training Camp - Team Spirit has been achieved". Better still, on the question "Overall, I will rate the Senior Leadership Training Day Camp as" Excellent (31.8%), Very Good (77.3%) and Good (22.7%).

To consolidate what they had learnt at the camp, two pairs of student trainees were arranged to share their experience with their schoolmates in two morning assemblies on 3 October and 10 October respectively.