Speech Day 2022

Date: 20/06/2022

The Moment to Heal, Love and Treasure Ourselves 

On 28th May, Speech Day 2022—the long-awaited event that honours our students from Class 2022—was held to celebrate the significant milestone on the life journey of our S6 graduates.

Amid the pandemic, the event was a great success as around 200 family members and friends of the graduates were especially excited to be present at Rosaryhill Secondary School to attend such a momentous occasion. 

The joyful ceremony commenced with the welcoming speech from our Principal, Ms. So Pui Ting. She shared with us a variety of educational modalities employed to support and facilitate students’ learning and personal growth. A lot has been done to ensure the best possible education is provided to our students. She is proud of the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of our graduates that has led them to this pivotal moment in their lives. Finally, she reminded them of their unique identity of being a Rosarian, and hoped that they could uphold the values they have been taught. 

Following the address of our Principal, we were truly delighted to have Ms. Edith Shih, our distinguished alumnus, to address our graduates. She reminded all of us to ‘embrace the diversity of our school’ as though learning in an inclusive community with diverse cultures, values, customs and languages. Students can learn the importance of recognition and acceptance of similarities and differences among individuals which brings harmony and peace to our society and the world. 

She then shared her experience of procuring personal protective equipment for her staff at the beginning of the fifth wave of the pandemic to emphasize the importance of showing love and care to people around, especially at times like this. She further assured the Class of 2022 of the resilient, innovative and caring nature they have developed after learning from the life lesson during the pandemic. Finally, she ended her speech with an encouraging remark—“after times of difficult moments, it is time for healing, loving, treasuring ourselves and for celebration” — truly soothed the soul of all. 

After the ceremony, graduates took pictures with their families, friends and teachers in different iconic spots of the school and at the photo booths with the photo props prepared by the Student Council showcasing the special moments to mark a beautiful ending to this special occasion.

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