Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to the school year 2020-2021. On behalf of all teachers, I am happy to extend to you our best wishes as the new school year begins.

With the joint effort of teachers and students, we are proud to present you the Student Handbook of Rosaryhill Secondary School 2020-2021. Home-school cooperation is the best assurance that students will unleash their potential. It is with this intent we publish the handbook. Parents/guardians and students are kindly requested to read the handbook as well as refer to it as needed throughout the school year, as I hope the handbook will help familiarize yourself with the important information concerning our school policies and procedures.

We believe that each student is a unique individual with special gifts and talents. We hope that with motivation, encouragement and hard work, all our students will discover their individual talents. Life is a journey through which we learn and grow. In our Student Handbook, the 16 Personality Types based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is introduced to students to help them reach their potential by learning to accept both their strengths and weaknesses as well as to strive for self-improvement through self-awareness.

We have high expectations on our ROSARIANS who should be Responsible, Optimistic, Sincere, Active, Respectful, Innovative, Aspiring and Nimble. I hope our students will always ask themselves if they are better today than they were yesterday. It is important to set clear goals and strive to accomplish them. Remember that achieving goals requires passion and action as well as perseverance and commitment.

The school year of 2020-21 is the second year of our school’s 3-year school development cycle. After thorough evaluation on the first year’s implementation by all our teachers, we have reviewed our strategies for continuous improvement. Let me once again highlight our school’s major concerns:
1. To foster personal growth
2. To accomplish academic improvement

We put our faith in our Lord for a fruitful year at Rosaryhill Secondary School. I look forward to working with you all to make this school year a prosperous one.

So Pui Ting







我們對ROSARIANS (玫瑰崗人) 寄予厚望,希望他們能展露出責任心、樂觀、真誠、積極、尊重,具創意,有抱負和機智的優良人性素質。我希望我們的同學能夠每天自省,力求進步,為自己訂下明確的目標並努力予以實踐。實踐目標不但需要熱情和付諸行動,更須要具備毅力和投入其中。



校長  蘇佩婷  謹啟