Whole School

Supervisor: Fr. Hyacinth Yousun He
Treasurer: Fr. Jose Salas
Director of Department of Religion: Fr. Vicente Sanchez
Rector of School Chapel: Fr. Bosco Xiong
Spanish Language Coordinator: Fr. Francisco de las Heras
Head Accountant: Ms. Jacmi Cheung
General Secretary: Ms. Winnis Lee
Stationery Administrator: Ms. Mary Lok
Sick Room Nurse: Ms. Vivian Lee
Electrician: Mr. George Leong
Maintenance Head: Mr. Choi Chi-keung
Bus Department Head: Mr. Law-Chi-biu
Bus Department Secretary: Ms. Jenny Chan
School IT Technician: Mr. John Kwok
School Canteen Manager: Mr. Toni Wong

Rosaryhill Kindergarten

Principal: Ms. Bibiana Tse
Secretary: Ms. Yuki Chan

Rosaryhill School (Primary)

Principal: Fr. Jordan Zhang
Senior Teachers: Ms. Fion Lo, Ms. Pamela Tse
Secretary: Ms. Yuki Chan

Rosaryhill Secondary School

Principal: Ms. So Pui-ting
Deputy Principal (Student Development): Ms. Harriet Lo
Deputy Principal (Academic): Ms. Bonnie So
Head of School Affairs Office: Mr. Thomson Chan
Head of Liaison Office: Ms. Angelina Ho
Head of Discipline Team: Mr. Rodger Poon
Head of Counselling Team: Ms. Elsa Tang
Head of Registration Team: Ms. Leung Pui-wan
Social Workers: Ms. Chloe Chow, Mr. Jacky Leung
Executive Officer: Mr. Kenny Mak
Clerical Assistants: Ms. Amy Tsang, Ms. Maggie Woo, Ms. Bobo Lui
  • 41B, Stubbs Road
  • 2835 5127
  • 2838 6141