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Department of Religion

In the complex structure of Rosaryhill School, the Department of Religion is only another group of people with specific objectives and duties to fulfill. But we believe that we are much more than that. In the middle of the busy life of the school, our responsibility is not only to arrange activities or to implement some plans. Our mission is to inspire our teacher and students so that we can grow in love and wisdom. Only God can do that. It is the Power of the Holy Spirit that we call upon each and every person of our school, so that we can be alive, TRULY ALIVE. Only the Holy Spirit can make us alive and grow in wisdom and love.
The role of the Department of Religion is to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between our Rosaryhill School and the Heavenly Kingdom. It is from Heaven that comes all that we truly need: joy and wisdom, peace and love, kindness and truth. We want to plant the seeds of these heavenly things in our teachers and students, and we hope that they may develop and grow.
Certainly, like another team in the school, the Department of Religion is made up by a group of people, as you can see below, and we also have duties to perform. We organize religious ceremonies for especial moments along the school year. You will find memories of them posted in the webpage. There are also regular activities, like the Morning Prayer, in the Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary School. The Morning Prayer is a blessed time to receive the nourishment for the day. We believe that our students benefit from it, and our Primary students enjoy it very much!
We also have arranged groups for spiritual growth, like the Spiritual Leaders and New Youth. We gather together to share and to learn.
May Our Mother Mary, the Queen of the Rosary and Patron Saint of Rosaryhill School continue providing abundant blessings to each and every one in our school.

These are the members of Department of Religion:
Br. Bosco Xiong, O.P. (Director)
Ms. So Pui Ting (Principal of Secondary)
Mr. Julian Yip (Principal of Primary)
Ms. Josephine Ip (Principal of Kindergarten)
Mr. John Sin (Secondary)
Ms. Fion Lee (Secondary)
Ms. Jessica Lau (Primary)

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