Rosaryhill School Chapel

Tel: 2572 0228 (English)
3703 6008 (French Community)
Address: 3/F, 41B Stubbs Road, Hong Kong

About the Chapel

The Chapel is located in the 3rd floor of the School becoming the center of the school building. The location shows that the Chapel is essential in the life of our Catholic School: religious activities are held in the Chapel according to the Catholic liturgical celebrations and the school calendar. Our School Chapel is also a place of worship on Sundays and special holidays when Catholic faithful join the Mass or other important celebrations we may hold on the occasion.

The mosaic at the center of the altar is something that deserves some explanation. It represents Saint Dominic, the founder of our Dominican Order, receiving the Rosary from our Lady the Virgin Mary. This mosaic is the work of an American born Mexican artist, Mr. Francisco Borboa, a well-known artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan during the second half of the last century. The representation of our Lady is clearly a Mexican reproduction of our Lady of Guadalupe, who is the center of the Mexican devotion of Mary. During the almost 60 years of the Chapel and the different renovations, the altarpiece has never been touched since it is indeed a wonderful work of art. The image of our Lady handing the Rosary to our Father Saint Dominic is engraved in our Dominican tradition and a similar image is seen in every Dominican Church or Chapel.

  • 41B, Stubbs Road
  • 2572 0228
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