FR. HYACINTH HE YOUSUN O.P. was born on 13 March 1976 in Jiangxi, China and was baptized on 13 February 1999. After his baptism, he served as altar boy for a time and accompanied the parish priest in his ministry.

He entered the seminary on 9 April 1999. Five years later after completing his institutional studies, he entered the novitiate of the Order of Preachers on 15 January 2004 and emitted his first profession on 22 February 2005. He was later sent to study English in Shenzhen University and then, he was ordained to the priesthood on 21 March 2006 in Hong Kong. He was immediately sent to Manila, Philippines to study Canon Law in the University of St. Tomas. Five years later, in 2011 he was able to finish his Doctorate in Canon Law and then was assigned back to China as House Superior of S. Joachim Royo House and postulants' formator.

At the Provincial Chapter of 2013, he was appointed socius to the Provincial and was assigned to Hong Kong. He was also appointed assistant to the Master of Novices and he took care of the simple professed assigned to St. Albert Priory (2014-2017).

On 28 December 2015, he was appointed as prior of St. Albert Priory, (Rosaryhill, HK) and in May 2018 he was elected as supervisor of Rosaryhill School by the Fathers’ Council. His election was approved by Education Bureau on 27 August 2018. He took his office as supervisor on 29 August 2018 during the annual assembly of the school. He is now dedicated in this new office.

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